Data Driven Customer Experience

Accelerate Personalized & Immersive Customer Experience Through EMotional Connect by Leveraging Actionable Data Across Marketing, Sales, Service and Commerce

Accelerate personalized & immersive customer experience through emotional connect by leveraging actionable data across Marketing, Sales, Service and CommerceNo matter where clients are on their journey to better engage customers, Capgemini Data-Driven Customer Experience(s) enables them to take full advantage of interconnected data to impact customer acquisition and retention, while being rooted in a foundation of trust, consent, and governance. With Capgemini Data-driven CX, clients can bring together all relevant customer-first functions and data– including marketing, sales, customer service, e-commerce, and points of sale into unified profiles that uniquely identify each customer and provide a high-quality, private, global view of their relationship with your brand. And the solution does this in real time, offering you more reliable, actionable insights from data all while preserving privacy. Capgemini’s solution goes far beyond the traditional customer-data platform, which is typically limited to marketing. Solution provides new data and AI models to activate experiences at right moments in customer journey; Solution provides:

  • PERSONALIZED ACTIVATION: Personalized activation in real time with recommended content (product recommendation, personalized content based on customer preferences, next best action and offer based on real intelligent decision engine and business scenario rules)
  • PRE-BUILT AI: Purpose-built Data & AI/ML models for marketing, sales, service, e-commerce, and points of sale to enable seamless customer experience across channels and is scalable across business domains.
  • ECOSYSTEM: Leverage data ecosystems ( with partner data sources) to unlock previously hidden value through data and analytics.

The Capgemini Data-Driven CX framework integrates seamlessly with prominent products from Adobe AEP, CJO etc. and includes:

  • Customer Journey Maps: Catalog of Customer Journey Maps and Business Dashboards across domains & KPI management framework.
  • Pre-built AI models: With cloud ready deployment: We have pre-built Data and AI models for intent evaluation , product recommendation, churn prediction and many more.
  • Architectural Framework: We have architectural patterns with leading product partners to leverage existing investments of our client in source system of CRM, ERP, Web Analytics , Marketing & eCommerce etc
  • This solution is ideal for customers with the following challenges/requirements:

Capgemini helps build use cases using a proven KPI framework across marketing, sales, service, e-commerce, and points of sale so that it helps clients who are looking for:

  • Launching new products with improved success rates
  • Optimizing advertising efficiency and impact of marketing budgets
  • Predict customer intent to improve overall customer engagement and brand loyalty