Jumpstart Digital Experience

Meet fintech requirements with seamless user experience and modernization at speed 

Jumpstart Digital Experience (JDX) is an offering by Capgemini that empowers Financial Services clients to fast-track their digital transformation journey to Cloud with Personalization, Optimization, and Integration at scale. The offering features quick business problem solving and value realization for clients with a focus on optimization and ROI. The solution quickly onboard clients, in under 90 days, to a robust cloud-native digital foundation, and enables them to scale and Innovate faster. The solution comes with a proven design strategy through Capgemini’s Rapid Design and Visualization framework which is built on a specialized Financial Services design system. It also has multi-channel communication and E signature capabilities to help our clients to adapt to the dynamic digital demands.  Our simplified solution can be tailored fit for bootstrapping digital transformation journey or enhancing the existing digital landscape.

JDX offers the following features and capabilities:

  • Simple and Efficient Migration to Adobe Experience Manager
  • Analytical capabilities to measure and derive intelligent insights of consumer behavior
  • Reduced technical debt with low code development
  • A reusable and extensible component library to spin up websites with speed
  • Future proof, extensible platform built on Adobe’s library with proven project templates
  • Personalized omnichannel experiences for a tailored customer experience
  • Multichannel communication with the added capability to capture E-Signatures on the go
  • Rapid prototype building through a tested design and visualization methodology

JDX offers values to the customers looking to:

  • Launch new websites on Adobe Experience Cloud – AEM Sites , Adobe Target , Adobe Analytics
  • Upgrade from the older versions.
  • Enhance their existing portal with analytics and personalization capabilities
  • Revamp the exiting user experience on their digital platforms
  • Digitize the user journeys with E signature support using Adobe Sign