Asset Solution Offering

Create eXperience — deliver assets to your customers at scale

The Capgemini Asset Solution Offering solution provides a “building blocks” approach to enhance the existing Adobe DAM product in terms of frequently requested functionality. Therefore, a catalogue of out-of-the-box extensions are available, which can quickly be tailored into a Proof of Concept. Additionally, these solution patterns will be initiated by an assessment phase to ensure the best architectural choice and optimal integration in the Adobe suites.

The solution patterns consider the whole life cycle of assets:

  • Asset planning and structuring in multi-brand and multi language environments
  • Rights Management, User Management
  • Connection to creation tools (e.g. Photoshop or InDesign) or mass import of images, videos, etc.
  • (Auto) Classification, AI Enriched Asset Tagging
  • Automatized asset modification as smart cropping, watermarking
  • Collaboration workflows with agencies and internal contributors
  • Optimal search support to retrieve assets
  • Validation, publication/syndication of assets in arbitrary channels
  • Embedment into personalisation engines as Adobe Target for A/B or Multivariate Testing
  • Measurement and performance analysis of asset usage

The Asset Solution Offering will help you to quickly learn from best practices in the market and facilitates an easy entry in topics as:

  • Adobe Asset Cloud Service
  • Adobe Asset Link Connection
  • Sensei Smart Tagging / Cropping
  • Dynamic Media Library
  • Adobe Stock connect