Digital Marketing Solution for Digital Banks

Fully configurable platform for 21st century banking allowing marketers to define, optimise and track customers

10x Future Technologies is a transformation technology company that provides banks with cloud-native core banking platform capabilities and software. The Digital Marketing Solution for Digital Banks is built on a next-generation core platform. This delivers end-to-end services to build, integrate and run a bank. Deloitte Digital has helped strategise and deliver the marketing capability utilising the Adobe Experience Cloud Solution Stack. Built from an established partner collaboration between 10x, Deloitte and Adobe, the product marketing capabilities sit on the 10x SuperCore™ and are implemented for top-tier banks in the financial services industry. The marketing solution leverages Adobe Experience Cloud Solutions to deliver content management, communications management and behavioural analytics for 10x clients. Best-in-class micro-services architecture radically simplifies data and systems integration that can be evolved to deliver better, more personal and tailored experiences for a bank’s end customers.

Repeatable by design, the 10x SuperCore™ is built on latest API first principles and technology innovation. 10x solves the data problem for banks with a single version of the truth and is ideal for banks with the need transform their legacy IT Systems and position their businesses for a digital-first future.

This solution solves the following challenges for marketers looking for enhanced customer experiences using Adobe Experience Cloud capabilities:

  • Traditional core banking systems are siloed, costly to maintain and lack digital and design flexibility to support rapidly-evolving demands on agile requirements from business and IT
  • CX and approval processes disconnected from core banking and CRM
  • Limited data and analytics support
  • Fragmented campaign management experience disconnected from content management