Deloitte's Closed-Loop Marketing Solution

Seamless integration of data across marketing planning, budgeting, campaign orchestration, and performance

Deloitte’s Closed-Loop Marketing (CLM) Solution sets marketing teams apart from the pack. Built with the capabilities of the Anaplan platform and Adobe’s Marketing Cloud, the single-source solution optimizes two best-in-class tools to provide one marketing solution for planning, budgeting, orchestration, and analytics all in perfect synchronization; empowering marketing teams to be more agile and innovative than the competition. The powerful union of Anaplan and Adobe enhances your decision-making power–from top-down and bottom-up planning through execution for agile, true closed-loop marketing.

Deloitte’s CLM Solution can help unlock value throughout a marketing organization and across multiple stakeholders, ranging from marketing leadership to marketing operations, and supports interconnectivity with finance.

In-system recommendations and historical performance data from similar campaigns provides planning input Technology-driven, automated governance for streamlined review processes reduces brand risk and increases compliance.

Leading marketing resource management practices. Applicable across industries but tailorable to your organization, connecting your planning, budgeting, and campaign strategy to performance and corporate objectives.

Cloud-based technical experience – Leverages leading cloud-based platforms to provide an efficient solution, enhanced user experiences, and seamless integration with other marketing technology and enterprise systems – empowering creation of content-driven campaigns.