Deloitte Adobe Xcellerator (AX)

A solution that helps our clients accelerate the delivery of their business outcomes with Adobe Experience Manager solutions

AX allows our clients to establish an online presence quickly and cost effectively. It does this by providing a production-ready platform and a suite of reusable components, templates, features and integrations, that extend the core features of Adobe Experience Manager.

AX can offer value across a range of scenarios:

  • For clients seeking a simple but rapid implementation of Sites or Forms, AX accelerates the time to market by providing an out-of-the-box site that can be customized according to the client’s brand and style guidelines.
  • For clients with more complex requirements, AX can cut cost, time and risk by providing a tried and tested baseline for complex implementations, allowing clients to focus on the differentiating aspects of their experience.
  • For clients with multiple brands, AX provides a component library with enough flexibility to be rolled out across multiple brands.
  • For clients looking to upgrade to AEM 6.5 or move to Cloud Service, AX can expedite the end-to-end process.
  • AX is a proven solution that continues to evolve based on our experience working with clients across many industries. It is supported by an experienced team who focus on the ongoing evolution of the solution, as well as global network of practitioners who work with clients in local markets, drawing on the expertise of our Adobe Centre of Excellence.