Third-Party Integration (Development of Payment Gateway and APC Shipping Extension)

Seamless Third Party Integration Extension: Payment Gateway and Shipping

Solution Overview

At Dotsquare Technologies, we excel in delivering seamless thirdparty integration solutions for Adobe Commerce websites. Our recent case study showcases our expertise in developing a payment gateway extension and an APC shipping extension, providing our clients with enhanced functionality and streamlined operations.

Our solution for integrating third-party services begins with the establishment of a dedicated development environment, ensuring compatibility and a smooth integration process. We develop custom extensions that facilitate API integration between Adobe Commerce and the respective third-party services. This enables seamless payment processing, including redirection to the third-party website and capturing and saving transaction IDs with orders. Additionally, we create invoices after successful payments, optimizing the entire transaction flow.

For APC shipping integration, we again set up a dedicated development environment and develop custom extensions to enable API integration. Our solution allows the admin to select APC as the shipping option and automatically sends order details to APC via API for seamless shipment processing. Furthermore, we provide manual order status update capabilities, allowing the admin to keep track of order progress and align it with APC overnight processes.

Throughout the development process, we encountered challenges such as showcasing the payment module on the checkout page and capturing payment details accurately. However, through careful adherence to API documentation, we successfully addressed these challenges, ensuring a seamless user experience and accurate payment processing.

We invite you to explore our case study and witness the success of our third-party integration solutions. Whether you require payment gateway integration, shipping integration, or other custom integrations for your Adobe Commerce website, we are here to deliver tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.

The Business Value Business value this solution provides:

  • Improved Customer Experience: By integrating a payment gateway and shipping extension seamlessly into the Adobe Commerce website, businesses can provide a smoother and more convenient checkout experience for their customers. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and increased likelihood of repeat purchases.
  • Streamlined Order Processing: The integration of the payment gateway and APC shipping extension simplifies and automates the order processing and shipment management processes. This results in faster order fulfillment, reduced manual effort, and improved operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced Website Functionality: The solution adds advanced functionalities to the Adobe Commerce website, such as secure payment processing and integrated shipping options. This enhances the overall functionality and capabilities of the website, making it more attractive to customers and increasing its competitiveness in the market.
  • Increased Business Efficiency: With the integration of the payment gateway and shipping extension, businesses can save time and effort by eliminating manual tasks and streamlining their processes. This allows them to focus on core business activities, improve productivity, and allocate resources more effectively.
  • Competitive Advantage: By offering a seamless and integrated payment and shipping experience, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors. This provides a competitive advantage by attracting more customers, increasing conversion rates, and fostering customer loyalty.
  • Scalability and Growth: The solution is designed to accommodate future growth and scalability. As the business expands, the integrated payment gateway and shipping extension can easily handle increased transaction volumes and larger shipping operations without compromising performance or customer experience.
  • Improved Data Accuracy and Insights: By integrating the payment gateway and shipping extension with the Adobe Commerce website, businesses gain access to accurate and reliable data. This enables them to analyze sales, track shipments, and generate meaningful insights to make informed business decisions.
  • Customer Trust and Security: The solution ensures secure payment processing and reliable shipping services, instilling trust and confidence in customers. This leads to increased customer loyalty and positive brand reputation.