A Seamless Experience

Forms are located at the most important interface of banks: At the interface to their customers. Whether via web, mobile or offline: Customers are often only a mouse click away, but do not convert via the form.

Forms are critical in the FSI sector. However, a forms process does not start with completing a form. It begins way before and ends way later than with the data submission. Our Amplify solution enables financial services organizations to create new forms in a guided and auditable way. The forms creation process is documented and versioned and forms authors create new forms based on a generic forms toolkit. All forms are centrally managed in a Forms Portal. Users can easily find the right form using the search and filter function. Forms are enhanced with Adobe Target for personalization and A/B testing to improve customer experience and conversion. Forms work on any device and can be digitally signed. They can be saved as a draft and completed later, even on a different device. The solution includes a workflow tool for approvals and task management. The best thing: In case a banking clerk identifies an error in an application form, he can inform the applicant within the process. Why? The solution provides an integrated feedback channel from the task management of the bank to the completed form of the applicant. The applicant receives an e-mail with a deep link to the form, where he can easily correct the error in his completed form and resubmit the application – including the Adobe Sign step for a binding contract.

After approval of the application, a personalized letter to the applicant is created using interactive communications, which can be sent in print (PDF) or via an online channel such as HTML content in an app, via the customer portal or by e-mail.

Our Adobe Accredited Partner solution,, supports FSI organizations throughout the entire forms process. From creation of the form, to workflow and task management to a written response.