Person Centric Identity Resolution for AEP

ExP is a first party identity resolution service that can personalize to an anonymous user without 3rd party cookies.

ExP identifies anonymous visitors to their sites/apps without 3rd Party cookies, to bring in enriched visitor data based on this ID, create a unified profile across devices and platforms, and use this visitor data to segment, target, and activate.Leading brands have embraced the end of the 3rd party cookie and the necessity to align to a more modern and responsible approach to identification and personalization. ExP combines the person-centered profiles of FullContact, the robust collection and real time CDP capabilities of Adobe Experience Platform, and proven expertise in strategy, design, and technology from Hero Digital.It all starts with privacy-safe identity resolution. FullContact’s person-centered Identity Graph has over 50 Billion identity fragments encompassing personal and professional identities and hundreds of marketing attributes about real people which can be queried by the graph to identify an individual in real-time.The personalized experience is then brought to life with the Adobe Experience Platform (AEP). AEP is an open system that transforms all of a brand’s data into robust customer profiles that update in real time and use AI-driven insights to help brands deliver the right experience across each channel.Prime deliverables include:

  • Anonymous Identification Success Ratio (can be done via POC)
  • Updates in AEP to ingest the ID and enriched data
  • Setup of Adobe Launch to send the ID and enrichment data to AEP
  • Setup of AEP to segment, target, activate, or journey orchestration based on client’s requirements