IBM iX Forms Accelerator for Adobe Experience Manager

Achieve operational readiness with a cost-effective solution that enhances colleague and customer experience

Clients across all sectors are seeing large numbers of customer requests being directed through online channels. In some cases, these volumes are increasing beyond the client’s capacity to effectively manage them. Engineering a solution that works consistently across the organisation can be problematic.

IBM iX Forms Accelerator for Adobe Experience Manager Forms provides organisations with a fast and easy-to-use tool to create, manage, publish and update complex digital forms while integrating into back-end processes, business rules and data. With out of the box web-based tooling, The IBM iX Forms Accelerator adds a rich set of smart components and bespoke services to ensure users have a great, intuitive customer experience supported with enhanced multi-lingual and field validation tooling, including deeper pre-built integrations into banking and government systems. Using IBM iX Forms Accelerator, Adobe Experience Manager Forms can be operationally ready within a month.

In large enterprises, keeping a large database of forms up-to-date and making them discoverable can be a considerable challenge, resulting in slow to market, difficult to maintain forms and technical debt, as well as creating significant storage overheads. Our approach minimises the components needed to build and manage both current and future forms, and significantly reduces server load and storage costs. The component based approach ensures that the majority of use cases can be achieved through assembling existing components. It also seamlessly integrates to Adobe Sign, thereby creating a legally compliant contract journey. The solution also is closely fused with Workfront to maximise your organisation’s productivity.

IBM iX Forms Accelerator for Adobe Experience Manager Forms is designed around standard industry components which are scalable and have been successfully deployed within government and banking industries. Clients can commission IBM iX expert design teams to build forms quickly and reliably. Alternatively, IBM iX can help mobilise client teams to drive ongoing self-sufficiency. For peace of mind, IBM iX also offers a comprehensive support package to ensure support of mission critical systems.