IBM iX Cognitive Digital Assets

Business accelerator for next generation enterprise asset management

Managing assets can be difficult, expensive, and time consuming. The Cognitive Digital Assets solution helps marketers to unveil the context and content from digital rich media assets such as videos or images for better searching, personalisation and conversion so they can select, view, and use the right assets when and where they need them through automation. Whether videos or images, has created multiple innovations to marketers you improve their processes and get the most out of their assets. The number of rich media assets owned by organisations is constantly growing, meaning they face an ever-increasing number of challenges. Most of them relate to the fact that an asset, once created, is difficult to find and, hence, difficult to re-use, e.g. for personalisation. This is entirely due to the lack of information about the assets – the content, the context and the meta data. It is a huge invest of time and money to tag assets, only to find that it doesn’t work for work for large amounts of media. So why not automate this process with cognitive intelligence? The media itself is a treasure trove, containing a huge amount of information just waiting to be found. That’s where IBM Cognitive Digital Assets provides value.

This solution is ideal for customers with the following challenges/requirements:

  • Has a large number of digital assets that need to be curated and needs to reduce their cost
  • Wants to engage more with site users through personalisation or marketing campaigns
  • Wants to automate the curation process and ensure compliance with SEO, Accessibility and legal guidelines