Customer Journey Catalyst

Infosys enables a one-click enrollment solution for utility outages

Solution Overview
When adverse conditions create a high risk of natural/man-made calamities resulting in statewide Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS), the Utility customer needs to be aware and be prepared for any emergency. Infosys Customer Journey Catalyst (ICJC) solution is tailored to target towards utility customers to opt-in for value added services like Advanced Alert/Notification Services which are hyper personalized, location specific & contextualized and provide timely updates on the power situation.

This solution is ideal for customers with the following challenges/requirements: ICJC solution helps address the below issues that are faced by the utility industries.

  • Decreased quality of call center service during Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS)
  • Increased operations cost and Inefficient resource utilization during PSPS
  • Generic and multiple alerts sent to customers which is a contributing factor to low Alert subscription• Insufficient customer communication and lack of acknowledgement
  • Lack of customer engagement and centricity in the communications sent