Unified Reseller Network Solution

Accelerate time-to-market campaigns for customer acquisition, cross-sell with low run cost

Building off the growth of digital marketplaces, many auto OEMs and manufacturers are either starting or actively considering an investment in digital B2B2C engagement channels. Infosys x Blue Acorn iCi’s Unified Reseller Network solution represents a tailored application of key customer-facing and back-office use cases. It enables the online selling of goods and services through a vendor (Dealer) channel in a way that offers platform flexibility, brand unification, and governance.

We have deployed this solution to a global auto OEM (online parts and accessories sales through Dealers) as well as a global manufacturer of cell phones, PCs, and other electronic devices (online electronics sales through authorized resellers around the world). Unified Reseller Network introduces opportunities for a customer, such as new or improved revenue stream for OEM and Dealers, a catalyst for increased customer acquisition at a lower cost, availability of new data and insights related to customer preferences and behavior, and new channels for customer engagement within a unified brand experience.