DigitalXn - Customer Experience Accelerator powered by Netcentric

Take your digital customer experiences to the next level with our CMS-CX service solution for midsize companies

DigitalXn provides a digital foundation of solutions with proven best practices and active guidance to support high content velocity and quality through editorial convenience and performance. Guaranteeing quick time-to-market and supporting international multi-site / multi-brand / multi-language and full Adobe Experience Cloud  integrated rollouts.

The package is tailored to the marketing budgets of mid-sized companies and can be implemented in a very short time. It offers the robustness, security, and scalability of enterprise solutions combined with flexibility and seamless plug-and-play approach.

  • A reliable and scalable CMS with integrated CX solutions to unlock the full power of Adobe
  • Enabled personalized CX based on Adobe Target that can be leveraged at any time across all devices
  • Tailor-made success reporting and enhanced customer insights that supports the team’s decision-making process based on Adobe Analytics data
  • Easy to manage assets (images, documents, videos) that are available across all channels.
  • Optimized workflows and features to focus on content velocity and reusability
  • A user-friendly interface for employees with access to expert support, training and enablement services
  • Continuous deployments of up to date software based on Adobe Core Components and proven best practices
  • Top-level Security and GDPR compliance
  • Onboarding procedure, setup and go to market within 6 weeks

In addition to the software, Netcentric offers a comprehensive service package to help you achieve your marketing goals. With our training portal and individual support from our digital marketing experts, you can leverage the full potential of the DigitalXn Service Solution.

This package, tailored to the needs of mid-sized businesses, is available from Netcentric, the leading Adobe Platinum Solution Partner, in partnership with Adobe.