Collaborative Work Management for Marketers

Marketing’s Demands are Evolving. CWM Improves Collaboration, Pace, and Productivity.

Marketing’s demands are evolving. CWM improves collaboration, pace, and productivity. PwC’s Collaborative Work Management (CWM) solution was created to reduce and remove the friction found in an increasingly complex marketing function. Gone are the days when marketing was limited to a single, co-located team operating as a cost center.

Today, geographically distributed teams, hybrid work environments, disconnected technology systems, and an increasing dependence on data and analytics to drive personalization, customization, and marketing intelligence have all heightened the demand for innovative ways to stimulate and strengthen idea generation, facilitate campaign collaboration, and optimize creative execution.

PwC’s CWM solution is designed to meet marketing organizations where they are and accelerate progress to their desired future state operating model. CWM support services include marketing organization assessment, collaborative work and systems integration and implementation, marketing workflow orchestration and automation, and marketing center of excellence design.

Ideal clients for PwC’s CWM solution include companies new to CWM, organizations who are working to increase their CWM return on investment, as well as those who are questioning its effectiveness.