Insights Driven Experience

Insights-driven, next click personalization, hyper-personalized

Insights-driven, next click personalization, hyper-personalized The TCS Insights Driven Experience offering addresses the emerging needs of travel and hospitality business who have to connect with their customers through the use of on-line channels and multiple devices that are used by the modern traveler to book their journey and stay. This solution provides a personalized omni-channel customer experience not just limited to traditional channel like web and mobile, but also conversational channels. Insights Driven Customer experience allows businesses to deliver personalized recommendations and offers to their known and anonymous visitors using the Adobe Experience Cloud platform based on the customer identifier and browser cookies. By aligning Adobe Experience cloud solutions to the their landscape, businesses are able to utilize a centralized offer library which can cater to the customer personalization needs both on the outbound & Inbound channel, understand customer digital behavior through Adobe analytics , leverage second and third party data using Adobe Audience Manager and personalize experience using Adobe Target.