TechDivision Integrated Commerce Turnkey Solution for B2X

Fast, Save, Precise with Commerce Integration Platform for Adobe Commerce

TechDivision provides a turnkey end-to-end solution for B2B and B2C digital commerce including all relevant components to get a business quickly and seamlessly online with a future-proof path to scale and growth across any touchpoint. The solution fits from mid to large size companies over all industries pursuing an e-commerce Strategy based on Adobe Commerce as the core technology. 

Ideal clients should have a large amount of third party systems in use, e.g

  • ERP systems like SAP, MS Dynamics, Oracle, SAGE
  • PIM Systems like AKENEO
  • CRM Solutions like Salesforce.

Clients benefit from short time to market due to out of the box connectors.

Large amounts of SKU’s, an international store with multiple languages, countries and catalogues. The TechDivision Solution is ahead of any competition especially in process modeling. It leads towards increased data quality across the board with measurable business process improvements. Efficient Analysis and Reports, transparent Workflows, Stable catalogue data,  infrastructure and system connection.