Adobe Experience Manager Assets Quickstart

An accelerated deployment of Adobe Digital Asset Management with standard integrations building an Enterprise DAM

The Valtech Adobe Experience Manager Assets Quickstart solution helps business leaders quickly setup a Digital Asset Management system so they can more effectively and efficiently manage content across their digital ecosystem. The spread and use of digital media assets continue to grow exponentially, whether by internal (business and agency partners) or external users (web, mobile, print). Regardless of company size and geographical location, the management of digital assets and increasing data volumes is becoming more and more complex – be it the adaptation of the format to screen or device, or the media enrichment after data transfer (customization, zoom, color selection, texture selection, etc.).

To ensure adequate and secure data distribution, a company’s brand team must be able to control and delegate the tasks of finding, enriching, logging, versioning and continuous archiving. Only in this way can Digital Asset Management ensure the quality and integrity of your digital assets, content and brand value across the digital ecosystem.

Based on success with fashion and hospitality brands, Valtech created Adobe Experience Manager Assets Quickstart as a commercially sell-able packed end-to-end solution to address clear business needs. This solution is ideal for Digital Asset Management requirements in retail – specifically for fashion and luxury brands – but also for B2B industries marketing and after sales. The package provides enhancements to Adobe Experience Manager Assets standard product features. A catalogue of out-of-the-box extensions is available, which can quickly be configured/customized lowering custom development efforts.