WhatsApp & Marketo Integration

Verticurl’s WhatsApp connector for Marketo Engage is the world’s first to be accredited by Adobe

It’s finally possible – you can now combine Marketo’s marketing automation muscle with WhatsApp’s immediacy and reach to super-charge your programs. The world’s first integration between Marketo and WhatsApp, built by Verticurl, unlocks possibilities that enable brands to be truly multi-channel in their approach.

  • Use WhatsApp as a native channel within Marketo, in the same way emails are used. A WhatsApp message can be triggered from a flow step in a Smartlist, in response to any condition set in the filter criteria of the Smartlist.
  • This service helps send messages to followers, which can be text, image, audio, video or rich media content. It is possible to customize text messages, allowing user personalization with metadata from the WhatsApp app.
  • Inbound responses also get stored in Marketo automatically, in custom objects, allowing for a conversational workflow to be configured easily. With the immediacy allowed by the nature of WhatsApp conversations, it is possible to even build a simple chatbot.
  • Assign and deliver unique coupon codes to customers based on inbound texts. For example, a billboard that invites people to text a code to receive a unique 25% discount voucher they can use on the website, simultaneously improving the customer experience and driving acquisition.
  • Use a single log in for all your applications in the Verticurl Cloud App, making it a one stop shop for multi-channel capability. The same login works for integrating WeChat, Line and SMS.