Content Agility Tools - Bridge

Remove development effort when authoring dynamic data

Wunderman Thompson exists to inspire growth for ambitious brands. Our technologists lay the foundations for this growth. We design, build, manage and run the complex technology ecosystems that give organisations the technical capabilities that fuel their growth. And we don’t just build the technology, we help them to work in new ways to get the most out of it, so they can focus on putting their customers at the heart of the experience.

With over 4,000 technologists in 33 countries and strategic partnerships with world-class technology vendors, we provide an end-to-end service across three core capabilities; customer acquisition, customer experience and commerce.

For multi-brand and multi-regional customers, keeping up with market requirements and competitors is one of their main business challenges. Generally, such clients cooperate with numerous development partners and require vast in-house teams in order to speed up platform build time. Our Content Agility Tools combine products and services that range from platform build, operating model design, content governance frameworks to employee enablement.

Our services and products can introduce new processes, that reduce the need for large development teams – both in-house and outsourced. By reducing, or completely removing, development efforts companies can increase efficiency within their business units.

One of our solutions that enables this is Bridge. Bridge creates data components that teams can reuse across sites. As a result, non-developers are enabled with more authoring capabilities within Adobe Experience Manager.

The main value of our Content Agility Tool is that it can allow organisations to be less reliant on development teams, which can often be very expensive. As a result, business users and authors have more capabilities to publish content without the need of heavy backend support. With our tools, marketing campaigns can be executed faster while significantly reducing the time to market and giving marketers more freedom.