Digital Experience Accelerator (DEXA)

Digital Experience Accelerator (DEXA) to accelerate omnichannel experience transformation

The Digital Experience Accelerator (DEXA) solution delivers an omnichannel experience to clients both online and offline. Key tenets of the solution:

  • Decoupled solution that can be implemented on top of Adobe experience cloud as a whole or one component at a time
  • One core platform for online and offline customer journey (for buying/acquisition and servicing)
  • Prebuilt technical components, business widgets, templates, experiences, libraries, KPI’s and use cases

Key principles on which the DEXA is built:

  • Build by IT once & use dynamically by business
  • Multi-country, Multi-brand, Multisite & localized solution
  • Enables seamless experience with centrally managed, personalized & intelligent contents
    Accelerates GTM by 35-40%

DEXA will help organizations in these scenarios:

  • Multi-county: same experience across geographies with country specific contents/products
  • Multi-brand/Multiple LOB: brand specific / LOB specific sites within the geography
  • Microsites based campaigns: dynamic launching of campaigns by diverse business teams at defined intervals/milestones