Customer Journey Enhancement Solution Through Digital Onboarding

Accelerate digitization of the customer journey for both Life and P&C Insurers

Zensar’s Customer Journey Enhancement solution accelerates digitization of customer journey for both Life and P&C Insurers. The key focus segment for this solution is to digitally enable intermediaries/agents.

Key processes addressed in this solution are Customer Onboarding and Customer Servicing. This is a plug & play solution built on top off Adobe Experience Cloud (Adobe Experience Manager Forms, Adaptive Forms & Adobe Experience Manager Forms Analytics) and Adobe Document Cloud (Adobe Sign, OCR, Adobe PDF) solutions. The modules of this solution can be implemented in insurers existing ecosystem all at once or as per the priority (one at a time).

The solution drives Omnichannel capabilities out-of-the-box with a mobile-first approach keeping needs of intermediaries in mind. An integrated conversational platform delivers seamless conversations between customer, intermediary and insurer.