Digital Foundation for Banking

Deliver exceptional banking experiences with half the time and cost

Sirius is streamlining Digital Transformation for regional banking and credit union clients with our Digital Foundation for Banking. This solution enables mid-market banks and credit unions to compete with larger institutions by quickly enabling them with an outstanding customer experience and digital marketing capabilities. By pre-integrating banking-focused capabilities that we have developed across several banking clients, Sirius immediately provides banking clients with value on Day One – on top of the outstanding value that comes with AEM, Analytics, Target, and Campaign.

This accelerator starts with banking-specific AEM components that meet many common use cases for banking clients. Calculating mortgage rates, finding bank branches, finding the latest loan rates, and other website functionality that banks care about come pre-built, tested, documented and configurable. Additionally, there are many additional content components and AEM core component extensions that are applicable across industries and come with the Digital Foundation offering.

An Analytics data layer also comes pre-built into these AEM components and templates, accompanied by a standard Analytics Solution Design Reference (SDR) document. With Launch also pre-integrated, this data layer is also fed into Adobe Analytics reporting from the beginning of the engagement. Banking clients can focus on pulling customer data that makes them unique and stand out among their competitors.

Pre-integrated Analytics and a data layer, along with Experience Fragments, also enables a banking client to fast-track their Personalization and Experience Testing program. Foundational customer segments and personalization rules come pre-built with this solution, along with pre-configured Analytics for Target.

Finally, common use cases for triggered campaigns are pre-built into AEM and Campaign. Abandoned application forms can trigger pre-defined workflows within Adobe Campaign, using custom-built campaign templates across email, direct mail, and other channels.